Siobhán will be available in two tiny weeks.



After two years it was about time I release another book.

I don’t know if I can say I’m exited because I’m genuinely scared.

First book in English, a Novella, not my style at all, but it was sitting here waiting for me to grab the courage to push it into this world. Maybe it’s not good, surely it needs improvement.

For the moment it will be available only in Belgium in France in its paper version, because the price tag is different, and shipping costs from Belgium to other countries are so expensive it would make it like you paid twice the book.

So what I would suggest, would be to wait for its electronic release for you to get it if you’re abroad and for those who are in Belgium and France, to come meet me at the book fairs I will be attending because I doubt that libraries will be interested in a book in English unfortunately.

Nonetheless, I’m thrilled it’s out and I’ll be happy to present it because it was really fun to write and the first reader are quite enthusiastic and find it too short, which is good news, isn’t it?

So you just have to wait two more weeks to discover it. Two tiny little weeks.

Then you know what you have to do!



That’s a good news

“Dear Diary” has changed title. Its name is now “My Name is Siobhán” and its release will occur by the end of November 2017. I’m happy it is finally happening; this is a pocket format, with 149 pages. I’m not used to have such a short work, but this will be a good exercise.

I’m now looking for promotion option in Belgium. This will be a bit difficult, but hey… Nothing is impossible!

I already have options to meet Waterstone and an English library called Cook&Book.

I still have plenty of time to think about that. I will realease the cover soon, stay tuned.

Have a wonderful day!


Short-Novel-Me – The decision is taken.


OK, I’m in.

In what, exactly? The creation process and research of the “Dear Diary”cover. This means it will be out in 2016.

I decided that the translation of the trilogy would take too much time SO I stepped out of my comfort zone and expended a bit the story you’ve read here so far.

This doesn’t mean you won’t read new posts of the “Dear Diary” series, no! This means that what you’ve read will be completed by other texts.

Same plans as announced, the publication will be in numeric first. Let’s see for a paper version later.

I’m hesitating on the illustration I want because I really want something specific and all I’m able to find is… boring. Really boring. Something you’ve already seen elsewhere.

I’m kind of a picky person. I like to control a lot of things the creation process. Not in the writing process. This is different.

Oh don’t worry, for those who are still waiting for the trilogy I won’t give up. I just want to take some time to do it correctly and as “Dear Diary” is something I’m writing directly in English, it’s easier for me to pursue this project for now and maybe if it has its small success in English, I will translate it in French who knows.


Things are on the right path. I don’t have much time to concentrate on other things for the moment as I got a lot of work for the publishing company and other personal issues to sort out before being fully back.

For those who already read the 27 parts. What would you imagine as a book cover?

See y’all!


« Dear Diary» #25


Yukon, What’s the point of knowing dates anyway

They didn’t find me. Or us. I’m sorry about that because I really hoped I could have a soft and warm bed again. We’re now hiding in a farmer cellar. He kindly agreed to let us spent a couple of nights here.

He has cows. And, two horses. I don’t know their names yet, but if we stay here a bit longer than what Mister Moore said, I will probably ask to see them from closer.

I know that we will always be runaways because Mister Moore did something wrong, but I certainly hope that someday, they will forget about us.

Once again, I wish Dory was here. Sometimes I miss her and the way she calmed me.

Cuddling on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and sometimes during summertime we would have S’mores.

I love S’mores. Do you?

See you later.

Your Siobhan.

« Dear Diary » #23


They’re here. I know I can hear them.

Siobhan is hidden in a bush. I don’t want them to find her. She is mine.

Dory tried to take her away from me and she died.

I won’t let anyone touching her. Not even the old goat claiming she is her grandmother.

She is not.

Siobhan is mine.

I have to shut up, they will hear me. They will take her away from me.

I won’t be able to cope with this loss anymore.

Dory wasn’t her sister. I wasn’t a stranger.

I want to protect her, but I don’t know how.

I hurt Dory, and I’m sorry about that. But she wanted to runaway with my little miss.

They want to take her away from me.

But they won’t. I ‘ll fight for it.

« Dear Diary » #22


Yukon, I don’t know dates anymore

Dear Diary,

I think I’m gonna die.

It might appear really abrupt and desperate to say, but we’re freezing. We live in the car with no heat.

Mister Moore coughs really badly and I can barely write.

They say the body in Seatle is Dorianne. Dory.

They say she was killed. They don’t know by whom, but they are sure it is a murder.

An old lady doesn’t stop talking on the radio. She says she is Dory’s GrandMother.

Is she mine as well ?

Dear Diary, I’m cold.

Your Siobhan.

« Dear Diary » #19


They’re gone again. They hit the road late on the 16th.

No one knows where they went, but they surely did it quietly.

All their personal belongings are still in the house like Mister Moore and Siobhan were just out for a few hours.

They were never loud, but this time, it seems even quieter than it has ever been.

Martin is crying sitting on the doorstep, outside their house. Siobhan didn’t even say goodbye. Seeing him like that is just so heartbreaking that each neighbor tries to comfort him without success.

His mother doesn’t bother too much. According to her they just left for vacation because who would live a houseful when you’re moving away?

According to the news they found a body in Seattle… A Jane Doe who might be the missing girl we see on the milk carton.


Poor girl… Lying in a park under a bush…

A jogger with his dog discovered her…

Joggers always find bodies…